Value to Stakeholders

Veteran Business

  • Promotes commerce to veteran and military spouse business through increased awareness, sales and B2B opportunities
  • Creates awareness of existing resources and connects small business owners with education, lending and networks for entrepreneurs
  • Provides solutions, products and services in an collaborative, accessible manner


  • Promotes and grows business, strengthening client base
  • Economy of scale and collaboration allow for more effective achievement of small business support goals
  • Contributes to reducing veteran unemployment


  • Maximizes visibility and use of existing resources such as education, lending, networks
  • Provides economic opportunity, employment and growth for communities

Opportunities for Corporate Members

  • Nationwide Buy Veteran campaign
  • Promotions for services and products twice a year around Independence and Veterans Day
  • Connect with veteran businesses to successfully hire and employ other veterans, military spouses, National Guard members and Reservists
  • Promote the use of veteran businesses in their supply chain
  • Sponsor entrepreneurial programs that support veteran entrepreneurs
  • Provide education or programs for veteran small business
  • Provide mentoring for small business
  • Participate in Working Groups to develop definitive Veteran Owned Business Database, document and inform leading practices for entrepreneurship
  • Contribute and receive data about Veteran small businesses

Corporate Members

Corporate Members will primarily be large, mostly Fortune 1000, companies with robust supply chain and procurement operations and channels, whether they currently include veteran and family-owned businesses or not. Corporate members with supply chain needs will be required to progress toward inclusion of veteran and/or military-family owned businesses in their supply chains; will be required to share portals or pathways for business owners to present their products or services, or to share their RFPs with such business owners. Additional corporate members will be those with significant resources which will be used to promote veteran and military-owned family businesses, whether in supply chains or consumer and retail facing businesses. These resources may be aligned with business purposes and promotion of related veteran and military-family owned business, services, and products. Applications will be considered by coalition members for inclusion with IVMF making final determinations as to inclusion as a member based on fitting these criteria and others which may be developed or promulgated in the future.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members will primarily be those organizations providing services and supports to veteran and military-family owned businesses. These will be well-known, recognized organizations, whose first purpose in the coalition will be to provide information, training, education, supports, access to resources, and related activities, but which are not large companies with significant supply chain opportunities or opportunities for significant promotion of veteran and military-family owned businesses. They may provide services and supports to the Coalition, to Coalition Corporate Members, or to veteran and military-family owned businesses registered with the Coalition. While their primary focus will be on promoting veteran and military-family owned businesses, they may also, with complete transparency, offer programs and services to registered businesses. Examples may include access to financing, to data base registries, to marketing, and to tools and services that enhance the opportunities for business success, or other relevant programs and services. Only those with an articulable benefit to be conferred to the Coalition and/or to veteran and/or military-family owned businesses and their owners will be considered for affiliate membership.

Opportunity to Register Your Business

Registered Veteran and Military-Family Owned Businesses

Registered businesses will be veteran and military-family owned businesses who have products and services they want to sell to business and industry. They may be shelf-ready products for resale, products or services ready for inclusion in supply chains and business operations, or products and services in development and which may be customized for business and industry buyers and procurement specialists. IVMF is currently collecting contact information and basic business information, and a robust database is under development which will be accessible to coalition members.

Additionally, the Coalition for Veteran Owned Business will be promoting awareness of businesses owned by veterans and military-family members which serve the public and retail customers. Finally, the Coalition will also enhance awareness of programs, products, services, education and training that may benefit these businesses and their owners.

To register as a Veteran or Military-Family Owned Business, please complete this registration form.

To learn more or to discuss joining the Coalition as a corporate or affiliate member, please complete this inquiry form.