Coalition Affiliations

Affiliate Members will primarily be organizations providing services and supports to veteran and military-family owned businesses. These will be well-known, recognized organizations, whose first purpose in the coalition will be to provide information, training, education, supports, access to resources, and related activities, and which are not large companies with significant supply chain opportunities or whose primary function is not to provide opportunities for significant promotion of veteran and military-family owned businesses. Affiliate members may provide services and supports to the Coalition, to Coalition Corporate Members, or to veteran and military-family owned businesses registered with the Coalition. While their primary focus will be on advancing and promoting veteran and military-family owned businesses, they may also, with complete transparency, offer programs and services to registered businesses. Examples may include access to financing, to data base registries, to marketing, and to tools and services that enhance the opportunities for business success, or other relevant programs and services. Only those with an articulable benefit to be conferred to the Coalition and/or to veteran and/or military-family owned businesses and their owners will be considered for affiliate membership.



StreetShares™_LogoStreetShares is revolutionizing small business lending. StreetShares brings like-minded private investors together with small business owners looking for funding to grow. Business owners request a loan through a easy online application, and investors fund them through an innovative auction model designed to get borrowers funding at the lowest available interest rate. Funding is provided within days. StreetShares lends to all qualified American small businesses, but has a particular focus on providing veteran business loans. The press calls StreetShares “Shark Tank meets eBay” for business loans. StreetShares is veteran-run and a substantial portion of the StreetShares team are veterans. Follow us at @StreetShares or learn more at


The Rosie Network

TRN-Logo-Shield-480x463The Rosie Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded by military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs like you, to promote our nation’s military family-owned businesses to the public and corporate America. Our organization is proud to be the non-profit database provider for the Coalition of Veteran Owned Business. To participate in the opportunities the CVOB offers, simply create a free online business profile page on our network.

To reach the 70% of American consumers who prefer to patronize YOUR business, our online search tool, Rosie’s List, provides the only platform allowing consumers to locate verified veteran and military family-owned businesses. Rosie’s List also features the first-of-its-kind online ‘Military Family-Owned Marketplace,’ an eCommerce platform selling products provided by verified veterans and military spouses. Think Angie’s List meets Etsy.

The Rosie Network does more than just list your business, we provide opportunities for you to network with other military business owners at our nationally held ‘Military Entrepreneur Networking Seminars.’ Want to market your business to tens of thousands of consumers in your local community? Our ‘Military Family-Owned Showcase’ events allow you to do just that. Finally, to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed, our online Military Entrepreneur Resource Center offers exclusive discounts, mentorship opportunities and other valuable learning tools.

As a non-profit, all of our services are at no cost to our nation’s military families. To learn more, and to register your business, visit us at



NaVobaNaVOBA galvanizes the nation’s 3 million businesses owned by veterans by providing a single voice to advocate for important issues. NaVOBA creates high-level, strategic demand for purchasing from veteran-owned businesses, and in doing so, creates long-term, sustainable benefit for all American VOBs. NaVOBA does this by convincing corporate America, the government and the American consumer public to solicit veteran-owned businesses through “Buy Veteran” messaging. Visit to learn more.